Crowns Sounds is Manchester’s No. 1 site for the latest news and blogs on musical instruments manufacturers, famous musicians, news related to jazz, classical musical concerts and so much more. Crowns Sounds was established in 2017 in Manchester, UK and the site has grown over the past year to serve the whole world at large. Here is what makes us stand out from the rest:

Everything you need to know about musical instruments, books, videos and albums

There are hundreds of CDs released every month worldwide. And thousands of musical instruments to test. How do you keep up with all of them? Its not a walk in the park. Crowns Sounds analyses all of these so that our readers can have an informative review.

The best news coverage

This is where you will find more details about who is recording what and with whom. Classical and jazz music enthusiasts will always want to know more about the latest concerts, what the latest work in books is, who is booked to perform at a jazz restaurant and what’s new in the cyberspace. Crowns Sounds covers this and more.

The best journalists

We also stand out as a classical and jazz music site that has a team of dedicated journalists who burn the midnight oil just to bring you the latest news. Therefore, what we publish is not based on rumours but is something that has been researched.

We are Informative

In every issue of Crowns Sounds, you will find a series of features and columns that inform the readers on a variety of subjects and artists. Classical and jazz music is not all about the artists and the albums, it’s also about the instruments and the manufactures who put them on the shelves. You will get the latest news about the top brands in as far ass classical music is concerned. It is also good to know who is behind the creation of that instrument your ears cannot forget.

Get personal

Crowns Sounds doesn’t just report on festivals around the world, we go deeper than that. We get personal with the music bands and the musicians. We understand that classical and jazz enthusiasts also want to know more about a day in the life of their favorite musician. That is why we get personal with them, ask them questions never asked before to make sure readers get the full details of their favourite classical and jazz personalities.

Our mission is clear and so is our vision; to tell the readers what they want know in the classical and jazz music industry. So this is where everyone needs to be.