The Beginnings

Admira started back in 1932 when the German owner moved to Zarautz, Spain. The owner Enrique Fritsch started the company five years after the Spanish civil war in 1944. He started out making musical instruments and children’s toys of wood or raw materials.

As the market began to change its demands, Enrique adapted to it and changed the direction of the company towards classical guitars and other musical instruments. With the knowledge of traditional Spanish violin making, he was able to create a soulful guitar.

The company has been passed down through family and as of today is ran by Enrique’s grandchildren after his passing in the early 1980s. The main manufacturers are still located in Zarautz where they were founded.


Admira Classical Guitars

Admira only creates classical Spanish styled guitars. They range from beginners to handcrafted guitars. Their beginner guitars have 3 different models called the Alba, Sara, and Diana. The student guitars range in 9 different models; Infante, Fiesta, Paloma, Rosario, Juanita ¾, Juanita, Sevilla, Malaga, and Irene.

On the other side, Admira has two other types of guitars, the handcrafted and the Flamenca. The hancrafted come in five models that come with a Spanish body-sleeve joint; A2, A5, A8, A10, A15, A18, A20, and A25. The Flamenca only comes in two models that have spruce top as well as a junction body-handle. They come in F4 and F5.

Admira Artista



It is indeed the perfect guitar for frequent gigs and recording. It is not only reasonably priced, it is also has a beautiful appearance that rival many current classical guitars.

They are handcrafted which means you are getting the best this guitar has to offer. The attention to detail is impeccable gives it a well rounded look. Made out of rosewood, the guitar gives an amazing resonant tone. It makes for a great classic guitar for any solo guitarists and is very comfortable to play. The Admira guitar collection is a great guitar to start out with as well.