Ibanez guitars

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Introduction to the history of Ibanez

Ibanez starts way back in 1908 with a Japanese company called Hoshino Gakki. The guitar business end of it started with imports of high quality classical guitars into Japan in the 1920s. It was named after the well-known Spanish guitar builder Salvador Ibanez. Hoshino Gakki switched to making guitars in the 1930s and renamed the company after the maker.

Production started with low quality beginning guitars meant for a budget and exporting. They were often only found in department stores and catalogs. Though in the early 1970s they moved towards more high-end product. They began to design replicas of famous guitars such as the Fenders, Gibsons, and many others. They were quickly sued though by Gibson for copying their shape of the guitar, but this was quickly settled in 1978.

Once the settlement reached a conclusion, Ibanez was noticed for their cheap quality guitars. They were quickly picked out by profile players. Once they had their fame, the company began to only make original designs, making a brand just for themselves.

With the new need of guitars that could be played faster with a great variety in sound, Ibanez stepped up their game and made the Saber and Roadstar guitars. From this point with high profile endorsers, they were able to make even more unique models.

Ibanez remained relevant through the early 2000s as the new generation of music came to light. Especially with the 7-string model becoming more popularized, Ibanez took off with high profile buyers. And in today’s age, they continue to be notable from working with artists to create player friendly guitars to fit the new tastes.

Well Known Ibanez guitars

The most well known and unique guitars in Ibanez history would be the Ibanez J. Custom. They are completely customizable with 5 to 7 string models. They even come with amazing features such as beautifully made fretboards and tremolo systems. It is no wonder this is one of the key guitars of the name.

The other known guitar named after the company is the Ibanez Prestige. They are one of the best models built in Japan that have amazing quality materials. The Prestige guitars are also made with amazing craftsmanship that rivals any other guitar.

Ibanez also has plenty of signature designs made specifically for different artists from all over. There are near only a handful of these guitars but each is unique to the artist and bring a great feature to each guitar.

Steve Vai and his Ibanez

Steve Vai. Source: Pledgemusic.com

Known Ibanez guitar owners

There are many artists that have played Ibanez guitars, the numbers being in the hundreds possibly thousands. Each artist brought something to the name of the guitar. The more notable artists are ones such as Reginald Arvizu from Korn, Jennifer Batten who played with Michael Jackson, Phil Collen from Def Leppard, John Frusciante from Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many many more. To see more, there is a whole list available on the Ibanez wiki that even explain which model the guitarist played.