The most important aspects of a portable generator for musicians, artists, and other entertainers performing in public places, are the: portability, energy-source, and quietness of their portable generator.

For those making money busking, a good portable generator does not have to be expensive to suit your needs. There are many portable generators on the market, and every performer wants the quietest portable generator they can buy. Luckily, electric- and solar-powered generators are small, extremely portable, and extraordinarily quiet, if not nearly-silent.

These non-gas powered generators are clearly the best choices for those busking outdoors. These portable generators can be charged and then brought outdoors to use, or can use the power of the sun to keep its charge during performances. These quiet alternatives allow the crowd and the public to enjoy the performance without hearing the source of power that the performer is using for amplifiers, lights, microphones, surround sounds, keeping their electronics powered up, or any other uses the performer is using the generator for.

Beyond the excellent quality of quietness they provide, electric- and solar-powered generators offer the user small sizes, excellent portability, and a light weight. This makes it perfect for those busking and needing to carry a power source that is small but strong and long-lasting. Performers have to bring not only their power source, but their instruments, lights, or whatever gear it is they use. This makes the lightweight portability of today’s affordable and quietest portable generators so important.

These portable generators are similar in use to those sought by individuals wishing to buy a generator for camping uses and outdoor functions. They want a clean-energy, completely silent, and sustainable portable generator that is lightweight, easy to carry or move, and perfect for their uses.

An example of a perfect portable generator for those busking and performing on the streets, is Aspect Solar’s SunRocket Solar Generator. This solar-powered, heavy duty generator is an innovative and affordable portable generator that is perfect for performances on the street.

The SunRocket is only 25 pounds, which is a full 100 pounds lighter than other portable generators, and has wheels for even easier movement. It is solar-powered, which makes it perfect for outdoor usage, since the generator will use the power of the sun to remain charged and ready for continuous use.

It also puts out heavy duty power, and can power anything that someone performing on the streets or at an outdoor event can throw at it. This all-in-one solar powered generator has a built-in SOLTRAX, which tracks the sun and offer a high-efficiency solar battery bank. With many different capacities for power usage, this generator is not only solar-powered but can be charged via wall outlet as well–this allows perfect usage for those who need or want to perform under canopies, in breezeways, during cloudy days, and underneath shelters outdoors.